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Just watch – or check this video out on “YouTube 1911”

Alpha & Omega + trailer

Hayden Panettiere stars as the voice of sassy wolf Kate in the upcoming 3-D animated film, Alpha and Omega. The movie hits theaters September 17, 2010. Kate, an alpha wolf and her fun-loving opposite Humphrey (Justin Long) are tranquilized and relocated by park rangers. They must make their way home, thousands of miles away, before … Continue reading

Garamond + Bob Dylan

Here’s a great flash video I stumbled upon. It uses typography as art (featuring the font Garamond, which happens to be one of my favorites), and sets the moving type to Bob Dylan’s music. It’s kind of hypnotic to listen and watch. It’s kind of symbolic for the power of the word, both written and … Continue reading

Sexy kick-ass ladies: urban fantasy heroines and their tattoos + a funny video

A cruise through the fantasy and horror section at a Borders bookstore reveals a smorgasbord of supernatural heroines. Strong, sexy, weapon-toting women pose on the covers, beckoning the reader to explore the action, violence, and hot sex sure to be inside. A closer look at the covers shows another similarity. Most heroines sport a tattoo. … Continue reading

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