Where to Begin?

I started writing an urban fantasy novel in March 2010. My boring interneship (in which I sat and sat and sat at a computer all day) inspired me to do something more with my time. I’d always loved to read, and was one of those people who dreamed of writing a novel. So, I figured … Continue reading

Writers Taking on 2011: Worries and The End (Part V)

eBook piracy

While social media, digital books, and self-publishing have opened new doors for writers, a few things do leave them concerned about the future of the publishing industry. Stacey O’Neale love Amazon, since they give the reader more power over what they want to read and when. But sometimes readers abuse that power. “I think their … Continue reading

Writers Taking on 2011: The Power of the Readers and Social Media (part IV)

(Part I, Part II, Part III) There has been a shift in attitudes and power in the publishing industry since the advent of the Kindle and social media. Where once publishers had the power to decide what people should be reading, and what constituted a good book, now readers have the power. “For decades they’ve … Continue reading

Writers Taking on 2011: Part III

interactive ebooks

(Haven’t read Part I or Part II?) The biggest thing the publishing industry needs to do is follow the pattern of integration. If people want to read books on their phones, lap tops, iPad, Kindles, or Nooks, make sure to have a system in place that can pump those formats out. And not just new … Continue reading

Writers Taking on 2011: Part II

Self-Publishing eBooks

(Haven’t Read Part I yet? Click here!) Claire LeGrande, an aspiring author and recent Library Science graduate, also feels that independent publishing is the new way to go. “The rise of the indie/self-publishing movement could very well encourage authors to write more freely, to write what they want to write without having to worry about … Continue reading

Writers Taking on 2011: Part I

writers taking on 2011

Melissa Bond started writing Sweet Lucidity in 2008. She wanted to create a paranormal fantasy novel for adults; something with a complex plot, characters, and world… but without the graphic sex scenes so common in the genre. She finished the novel in 2009, excited to begin the process of finding an agent. Of getting her … Continue reading

Condé Nast on Magazines

Magazine Readership

Found this interesting message in the March 2011 edition of Wired. Condé Nast is rallying the troops with this little declaration. And not just the internal troops (the writers, editors, photographers, and other employees that contribute to a magazines production) but also the external troops (those diligent people who are still buying magazines in either … Continue reading

A Message from Borders CEO Mike Edwards

New York City

Found this in my inbox today: Dear Borders Reward Member, For generations, Borders stores have been beacons of enlightenment and education, where readers young and old explore their passions and find those special books that speak to them personally. As Borders moves forward, our commitment to you is to be a best-in-class bookseller–whether it’s our … Continue reading

Why I love Amazon…

Just received this e-mail from Amazon.com. Made my awesome day even awesomer. Things like this make me return to this retail giant again and again. Hello, On 28-Jan, you purchased “Darkstar” from the Kindle Store and were charged $2.99.  The publisher has decided to lower the item’s list price and we have applied a $1 … Continue reading

How Internet Trends Affect the Publishing Industry

The Internet took over. It’s true. We’ve got to accept this. But this isn’t the first time the publishing industry faced significant change. It survived the radio and video eras by keeping a clear focus on content and the customer. Books are a unique medium: they are not supported by advertising. The business model is … Continue reading

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