Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray…starts out funny, ends up funny. And there’s some action, make-overs, and cute pirate boys in between. The novel opens with the following message: “This story is brought to you by The Corporation: Because Your Life Can Always Be Better™. We at The Corporation would like you to enjoy this story, … Continue reading

Phil Gigante and his Harem

The only reason Bonnie Fox even picked up the series is because her good friend, Phil Gigante, encouraged her to do so. Gigante narrates all of Karen Marie Moning’s audio books, and found the Fever series very interesting. So Fox picks up the audio edition of the books and falls in love. She’s not a … Continue reading

I Don’t Know my Homophones

I stumbled upon this HILARIOUS site dedicated to all the people (me!) who don’t know their homophones. Can’t figure out Effect vs. Affect? This guy hates you. Get confused between Its and It’s? Get your shit together. Get all tangled up in There, Their, They’re? This guy might kill you. I get all of the … Continue reading

House Season 7 Opener – mediocre but funny

Gregory House. Lisa Cuddy. James Wilson. Eric Forman. Robert Chase. Remy Hadley. Christopher Taub. These characters and their relationships to each other make Fox’s House such a great show. It’s the tension between House and Cuddy, the frustration Dr. House’s team feels when he doesn’t show up for work, the worry Foreman feels for Hadley … Continue reading

All of my friends are dead – the mini-book

I stumbledupon this “book” and thought it was adorable and funny (but sad too).

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