Taughannock Falls State Park

Photos from a recent trip to Taughannock Falls State Park with my aunt and uncle. According to Wikipedia: “The name Taughannock comes from the Iroquois and means “There was a village here.” The main cataract of the falls is a 215-foot drop, making it 33 feet taller than Niagara Falls. It is one of the largest single-drop waterfalls east of the Rocky … Continue reading

The Dr. E.M. Mills Rose Garden

Visited the gorgeous Rose Garden in Thornden Park, right down the street from my house. Somebody didn’t let me know we were going to stop by, so I only had the camera on my phone to capture some of the beautiful blooms. The rose garden was established in 1922, and still contains some of the … Continue reading

A Saturday Sunset

Photo locations: Blue Star Highway between Covert & Benton Harbor, MI and Tiscornia Beach’s North Pier Lighthouse in St. Joseph, MI

Syracuse University Fall 2010


Dive in to Ondine , a dark but sweet movie starring Colin Farrel and Alicja Bachleda.The deep characters, stunning scenery, and raw emotions in the movie draw you back to shore. Sometimes living in a fairy tale is easier than living in the real world. Syracuse, a fisherman in a tiny town on the Irish … Continue reading

Oakwood Cemetery – Syracuse, NY

The Day it Didn’t Rain

Today was a good day. I got all snazzed up for the Career Fair in the Carrier Dome. Met some great people that will hopefully lead to a full-time job after I graduate this May. I still can’t believe I’ll have a Master’s degree. So unreal. Anyways, there have been two sunny days this October. … Continue reading

A Syracuse September

Tunnel of Flowers

Here’s a gorgeous pic I stumbled upon. I love the colors, since they’re both vivid and soft at the same time. The contrast of the shadows and light also adds an interesting element, and the fact that the focus of the picture is at the very end of the tunnel gives this pic a cool … Continue reading

National Geographic Photo Archive

These photos blew my mind. Color, composition, movement, emotion…everything you could ever want out of a picture is in this gallery. And the craziest part is that all of them are real images. Real things happening in the world. This image (Rock Fort at Sundown, India) really inspired me. It looks like a land straight … Continue reading

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