Coffee Post!

Great Infographic I stumbled upon about my favorite beverage. Via: Homeowners Insurance Advertisements

I Don’t Know my Homophones

I stumbled upon this HILARIOUS site dedicated to all the people (me!) who don’t know their homophones. Can’t figure out Effect vs. Affect? This guy hates you. Get confused between Its and It’s? Get your shit together. Get all tangled up in There, Their, They’re? This guy might kill you. I get all of the … Continue reading

Tunnel of Flowers

Here’s a gorgeous pic I stumbled upon. I love the colors, since they’re both vivid and soft at the same time. The contrast of the shadows and light also adds an interesting element, and the fact that the focus of the picture is at the very end of the tunnel gives this pic a cool … Continue reading

Garamond + Bob Dylan

Here’s a great flash video I stumbled upon. It uses typography as art (featuring the font Garamond, which happens to be one of my favorites), and sets the moving type to Bob Dylan’s music. It’s kind of hypnotic to listen and watch. It’s kind of symbolic for the power of the word, both written and … Continue reading

All of my friends are dead – the mini-book

I stumbledupon this “book” and thought it was adorable and funny (but sad too).

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