Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Wolfsbane, the second installment in Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade series, will have you snarling for the next book. I grew to love Calla even more, enjoyed learning about the Searchers and their history, and found myself rooting for Ren over Shay.

We find Calla just where we left her: captured by the Searchers, the worst enemy of the Keepers, and the killers of hundreds of Guardians over the millenia. Calla strikes a deal with the Searchers. She will help them, give them an inside look into the world of Guardians and Keepers, and the power and influence that her status of Alpha brings with it, if they will help her resuce her pack from Vale. Calla is tortured by how she left them. Abandoned them when they need her most. And she’ll do anything to get them back.

She grew up believing that the Searchers were her sworn enemies. She doesn’t trust them. Not one bite. But as she spends time with them, she grows to like them. They’re a sarcastic, slightly crazy, but extremely close group. They’re a family. A pack, just like hers. Calla’s perspetive gets flipped upside down all over again.

At least she has Shay with her through all of this…a stronger Shay. A Guardian Shay. But jealousy rears it’s ugly head, making Calla less and less sure that she wants to be with him, the boy that she chose for herself. Not if she can save Ren.

Ren. She still wears his ring. She dreams of him day and night. They were chosen for each other over ten years ago. That’s a lot of history to give up. 

Calla has a lot of choices to make, a lot of risks to take. Her internal and external struggles keep the plot moving at a great pace for the entire book. But she also realizes that this is all so much bigger than her and her insignificant choices: “it wasn’t about love or Shay or the Searchers now. It was about sacrifice—and redemption, loss that could have new meaning. Hope. A second chance.”

And, as in the first book, the writing itself is fantastic. The reader gets such a great sense of who Calla is and how hard all of these choice and revelations are for her. And we admire her for powering onward anyways: “I walked forward, forcing my stubborn body onward. I wanted to curl in on myself, close my eyes, and dream the truth away.”

Stay tuned for the next book, Bloodrose, to hit shelves and eReaders in January 2012.

One Response to “Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer”
  1. Sommer says:

    THanks for the review. I have been putting off purchasing this book but I may have to add it to my buy list!

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