Silver Shark (Kinsmen Series) by Ilona Andrews

A Review of Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews

Blast through the pages of Silver Shark, a sci-fi romance novella by Ilona Andrews. Super short. Super fast. Super sexy.

Claire Shannon is a Class A Psycher, which basically means she’s been trained since the age of 14 to kill people with her mind. She’s powerful. For her, killing takes but a thought: “She seared his mind. Death was instant. He didn’t have the time to scream.”  But on Uley, a bleak planet with minimal natural resources, she’s just a pawn. Uley has been at war for nearly 70 years.

Until her side loses. She’s forced to leave the planet and go into hiding on Delphi as a drone, or somebody with absolutely no Psycher powers. She’s hired as a secretary by Venturo Escana, a powerful Psycher in charge of an up-an-coming Guardian business. The sexy, powerful, and rich businessman takes pity on Claire, and prizes her for what he calls “her quiet mind.”

So Claire goes about her new life on the colorful planet Delphi, diving into new experiences, tastes, and styles with excitment. She’s doing so much less with her talents, but so much more for herself. But things start to fall apart for Claire when she falls in love with Venturo.

Be prepared to zoom through this novella. It’s non-stop action, romance, and excellent writing. Plus, the characters are well developed, even in this short of a book.

Claire is a wonderfully complex woman. She had power on Uley, but she grew tired of using it for war. But having to completely hide that power when she arrives on Delphi means hiding an immense part of herself. She’s proud of her power, but knows that revealing it could get her killed. She struggles with the perceptions of her peers, especially Venturo’s perception of her lack of power. She’s a Class A Psycher hiding as a drone…which would basically be the equivalent Yo Yo Ma playing in a high school pepband. It’s hard for Claire not to stand out.

And Venturo is just as complex…and also hot. Venturo built up the Escana family name and business from small-time wealth to big-time power. But he’s not arrogant over his achievements. He’s humble and compassionate, he doesn’t brag about his Psycher power or extravagent wealth. And again…he’s hot.

Spend a day with Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews. You won’t regret it.

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  1. If you like this, you might enjoy “Solitaire” by Kelley Eskridge. I’ll have to check this out, I enjoy scifi.

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