15 Insightful Blogs for Book Club Leaders

15 Ideas for Book Club Leaders

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Leading a book club can be hard work but very rewarding at the same time. Not only do you have to make time to read every week, but you’re also responsible for hosting meetings, leading discussions, and choosing books that will keep your book club members enthralled. Whether you need inspiration to start a group or you just want to shake things up at your meetings, these 15 insightful blogs will help you achieve your leadership goals.

  1. The Big Read Blog: The Big Read Blog was created by the National Endowment for the Arts, whose mission is to bring literature back into people’s lives and promote reading for all ages. This resourceful blog provides reading suggestions, reading activities and reports on industry news that could be applied to your book club.
  2. book club girl: Book club girl is your one-stop guide for learning how to run a book club. Here you’ll find various book reviews, fiction and nonfiction book club suggestions and informative pieces on authors and the publishing industry.
  3. Book Club Queen: The Book Club Queen is loaded with helpful reviews, recommendations and guides to start or strengthen any and all types of book clubs. Whether you need help hosting a meeting, naming a club or starting a discussion, you’ll get these answers and much more from the Queen herself.
  4. Together Book Club: Together Book Club does exactly that – it brings kids and parents together to read and discuss books. This unique book club gives group leaders an idea of how to run a niche club, as well as providing numerous book reviews, reading suggestions and author profiles.
  5. Book Club in a Box: Book Club in a Box gives book club leaders the tools to make their group the best it can possibly be with the help of handy reading suggestions, leadership advice and insightful reviews.
  6. Book Divas: If you couldn’t tell by the name, this blog is all about divas and what they like to read. Book Divas is an initiative of the Diva Entertainment Group Inc., which provides an online community for women who love to read and talk about books. Book club leaders will find this blog’s book reviews, extensive author interviews and industry tips a huge help.
  7. LitLovers: LitLovers has all the tools you need to lead your book club in the right direction. You’ll get access to informative book club resources, such as discussion tips, games and icebreakers, reading guides and book reviews that will enhance the overall book club experience.
  8. Book Club Classics!: Check out all of the reading lists, discussion questions and reviews that Book Club Classics! has to offer. While you’re here, be sure to download the handy and free bookmarks that list and describe characters from all the classic novels.
  9. Mother Daughter Book Club: Whether or not you’re a mother or daughter, all book club leaders can learn something from this niche reading group. The club creator also provides helpful book club planning tools, suggested readings, reviews and discussion tips you’ll find very useful.
  10. DailyLit: Take a modern approach to leading a book club and go digital with the help of DailyLit, which sends books via email or RSS. Your book club members will have the convenience of reading the book installments on their computer, smartphones and various PDAs.
  11. Book Addiction: Book Addiction is a great resource for readers and book club leaders alike. This blogger provides an extensive list of book reviews and reading suggestions that will make choosing your group’s next book a breeze.
  12. The Book Lady’s Blog: Rebecca Joines Schinsky’s quirky blog will not only keep you entertained, but it’ll also provide some valuable reading suggestions and book reviews you can use in your book club. Be sure to check out her author interviews and events that you could replicate.
  13. Linus’s Blanket: Learn the ropes from this book club leader who has been meeting with friends and strangers to talk about books for more than 5 years. Here, you’ll find a variety of book reviews, book club reading lists and other tips to make the most out of your group.
  14. Everyday I Write the Book: This avid reader has been blogging for five years and knows a thing or two about reviewing and discussing books. Her lengthy list of book reviews and reading suggestions will help you decide on your club’s next assignment.
  15. Booking Mama: Take some tips from this Booking Mama, who’s also a member of three different book clubs. Her blog provides a wide selection of book reviews, reading suggestions and advice on how to get the most out of your book club through discussions, book giveaways and other resources you’ll certainly want to use.
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