The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking puts a glamourus twist on the earthy troll mythology in her Trylle trilogy (Switched, Torn, Ascend). The interesting world, foxy men, and fast-paced plot will keep you up late as you race to finish this great series.

Wendy has never felt like she fit in. Wendy’s mother didn’t think so either, and attacked her daughter with a kitchen knife in the middle of the little girl’s sixth birthday party. Now in high school, Wendy still doesn’t fit in. Her older brother, Matt, and her aunt, Maggie have raised her, uprooting their lives time and time again as Wendy got expelled from school after school.

But Wendy has begun to develop some strange mind power. She can acutally make people do what she wants, if she thinks about it hard enough.

Enter Finn. With his intense stare and coal black eyes, this hunk of a high schooler gives Wendy the heeby jeebies at first. But she also feels a connection to her. And he tells her why.

Wendy is Trylle. A changeling. And Finn has been sent to bring her back to Forening, the place where she belongs.

Wendy thinks he’s crazy, but feels the truth with her heart. She’s never fit in, and with these weird mind powers developing, she fears and hopes that he’s right.

But the Trylle is in the midst of a war with the Vittra. Wendy is no longer safe, and must escape to Forening whether she wants to or not. And once she arrives, she discovers that she’s more than your everyday, run of the mill Trylle changeling. She’s a Princess, set to inherit the Trylle kingdom when her mother, Queen Elora, dies.

The plot races on, picking up speed with each flip of the page and switch of a book. While not an overly complicated or original story line, it is a lot of fun to read.

Now the characters…they make the story.

Wendy is feisty, opinionated, and compassionate. She’s insecure, struggling to find herself in the midst of war of which she happens to be the epicenter. She’s pretty without being fussy, sarcastic without being cruel. She reminds me a bit of Mia Thermopolis in the Princess Diaries. A seemingly normal girl born to be extraordinary.

Finn is intense. He’s sexy, capable, funny, smart…and completely off limits. As a Princess it is extremely frowned upon for Wendy to have…relations…with a Tracker. Trackers do the menial tasks for the powerful Trylle, and are considered a  lower class. But Finn is extremely capable and has such a natural affintiy for leadership, for taking command, that Wendy finds herself falling in love with him, against her society’s wishes. But Finn, above all, knows his duty.

Tove is a Markis, one of the upper class of they Trylle Kingdom. He’s the most powerful Trylle alive, besides Wendy and the Queen. But his power has left him scatter brained, unable to focus on social situations. But under that haze is a caring young man, a good friend, and an intelligent mind. He’ll back Wendy up in any situation, even if that means putting logic before his own heart.

Willa is a Marksinna with the power to control the wind. She’s a snob with a heart of gold. Born into wealth, she loves nothing better than dressing and doing her hair and makeup. She revels in beauty, and is always laden with jewlery. She’s a social butterfly and can charm even the angriest of crowds. But she’s also a good and honest friend, once Wendy is able to see through all the glitz that makes up Willa’s public shell.

The self-published trilogy did suffer from a number of typos, plot holes, and a few loose ends that were never resolved, but overall, this was a quick, fun read for the summer. I managed to finish all three books in a week, while working full time. And best of all, they’re all under $2.99 on your Kindle.

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