Werewolves Appear Monthly At Circlet.com

Found this in my inbox last night, figured I’d pass it along.


Werewolves Appear Monthly At Circlet.com

(Cambridge, MA) –This year is an unusual year for the moon: she’s gracing us with four partial solar eclipses, and two total lunar eclipses. Lunacy! And the heavens isn’t the only place partaking in a little lunacy — Circlet Press will be bringing some too, in the form of a brand new serial about werewolves, Moonlit Path by Cat Trip, which goes live on the website EACH TIME THERE IS A FULL MOON.

Starting today, Cat will take us into the lives and loves of werewolves. New stories will appear with each full moon, and for two weeks the werewolf will remain at readers’ beck and call.  On the night of the new moon, the story will vanish, clearing the way for the next month. The stories are free to read on circlet.com — but only while they last. 

Werewolves are complex creatures, a balance between the feral and the civilized, between pain and pleasure.  Cat’s stories provide a tantalizing and sensual look at this conflict, showing the humans within the beasts. 

Cat Trip is a new writer with Circlet Press — this is her first piece with the independent publisher specializing in paranormal romance and erotic fantasy.  Moonlit Path will be a twelve part series exclusively available at circlet.com. Circlet Press was founded in 1992.

(Link to the first story: http://www.circlet.com/?p=3114)

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