Where to Begin?

I started writing an urban fantasy novel in March 2010. My boring interneship (in which I sat and sat and sat at a computer all day) inspired me to do something more with my time. I’d always loved to read, and was one of those people who dreamed of writing a novel. So, I figured I might as well start now.

The first few attempts were…less than good. I took the critiques a little harshly at first, and got really angry. But I used that anger to make the book better and better with each tap of my keyboard. I started getting a loyal following of critique partners who liked the plot, the characters, and the writing in general, but also weren’t afraid to tell me when they were confused, when an characters reaction seemed forced, or when they just plain didn’t like the way I described something. I plugged away on my novel until November, when my personal life, and graduate school, started to get in the way. I set my book aside for another day.

But now I’m pretty much done with grad school. My personal issues have resolved themselves. I’m excited for all the  new changes in my life. And I want to start writing my book again. But where do I start? 

I’m looking for suggestions, articles, blog posts…Should I start revising what I have, to refresh myself on the book? Should I just start typing from where I left off? Should I work on outlining what I have done? I’m a little overwhelmed, and just want some advice.


5 Responses to “Where to Begin?”
  1. Sarah Gilman says:

    Hi Ashley!

    Yes!! This is the best news I’ve heard all day. You left us in a heck of a spot in the prison with the vamp king. Gesh! 😉 Will Tanek come save her?? I *heart* Tanek!

    Anyway, good luck! Best place to start? Sit down and read it through start to finish. It always amazes me how different my writing looks after I haven’t looked at it for a while. For better and for worse! 😉 The ideas always flow. Go where the inspiration leads you. Whatever occurs to you to write first… butt in chair and get started! 🙂

  2. Samara says:

    I’ve always found that when coming back to a story, the first thing I do is read through what I’ve got. You may find yourself tweaking this, smoothing that out. I’ll always think I’ve completely edited something, only to come back a month later to realize that said word doesn’t work or that I’d left out this explanation.

    Read through. Amaze yourself with your awesomeness, and see if you can get yourself back into the mood of the novel. If not, try some random prompt or random word generators, listen to music, etc.

    Good luck!


    PS. Is this story posted somewhere?

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