Writers Taking on 2011: Worries and The End (Part V)

eBook piracy

While social media, digital books, and self-publishing have opened new doors for writers, a few things do leave them concerned about the future of the publishing industry. Stacey O’Neale love Amazon, since they give the reader more power over what they want to read and when. But sometimes readers abuse that power. “I think their rating system and feedback policies are unfair. Example: If 5 people read your book (or five or your friends say they read your book) and give it a perfect rating, then you shoot way up, even if your book is crap. However, if you’re an established writer and your book is read by 1,000 people and you get a 4 out of 5 rating then the person who sold 5 copies of their book is rated higher than yours. The rating system doesn’t calculate actual sales into the equation. The feedback policy is also unfair to those who’ve only sold a few books. A few opinions shouldn’t have that much influence on your overall rating.”

Readers are also using the new digital technologies to find eBooks for free, and pirating eBooks has become a big concern recently. Where once this was only a worry for the music and moive industry, it’s now crept into into the publishing world as well. This growing issue leaves up-and-coming fantasy writer Melissa Bond concerned about the release of Sweet Lucidity. “I am worried about copyright protection. I’m also worried about pirating. If I don’t have an agent, I have to do all that myself. Out of my own pocket and my own time. Will the digital world be friendly and honest to the new author?”

I’d like to thank everybody for following this long and winding story throughout the weeks. A big thanks to everybody I interviewed as well. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

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