Next up for Stephenie Meyer

I read on Vanity Fair earlier today about the (maybe) next book by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer. Sadly, it doesn’t sound terribly different from the Twilight series. Now, I admit, I LOVED the gushy, slightly insane romance between Bella and Edward, then Bella and Jacob, then Bella and Edward. At least, I loved it while I was reading it. And then I moved on to a book that had an actual plot, with deeper characters, and a more original message.  I don’t remember what it was, just that I thought “Wow, Twilight was awful.”

Anyways… It’s about (surprise, surprise) a 17-year old girl in what sounds like the Middle Ages with a hint of magic. Meyer describes it as “It’s a fantasy that takes place in another world where people are using bows and arrows and swords. There’s a little bit of magic, but it’s a very limited form of magic. The characters are human, and some have the ability to use magic and some don’t. It’s pretty dark. People die. The main character is a 17-year-old girl, and she’s kind of cool.”

She has a few other books in the works, according to an interview with Meyer in USA Today. One is a thousand-page book featuring mermaids…enough said. The other is the second book in the sci-fi trilogy that started with The Host, largely considered to be a flop. That one is in it’s infant stages, probably with a plot outline and very little writing completed.

Whether you enjoy Stephenie Meyer and her stories or not, it’s hard to argue that she hasn’t made a big impact in the industry and American culture.

3 Responses to “Next up for Stephenie Meyer”
  1. You just can’t predict this biz.

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