Infinite Days – Review + Book Trailer

Evil Be He Who Thinketh Evil

Now, I received this book for free on twitter from @thmafi. The cover image is gorgeous, featuring a pore-less face with bright blue eyes and light brown hair. But once again, the old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” proved to be wise. Spoilers galore. Enjoy!

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel punishes the reader with its melodramatic tone, cliche characters, and predictable plot. It’s just one more young-adult-fantasy-boarding school-vampire disaster.

Lenah Beaudonte, the most evil female vampire ever, wakes up as a human. And turns 592 years old in her 16-year-old body. To make matters worse, her maker/lover/friend, Rhode Lewin, died to give her back her humanity. She’s received her greatest wish, but is now stuck in Lovers Bay, Massachusetts at Wickham, a boarding school for the rich and snobby. She wears a vial of shimmery dust (his vampiric remains) around her neck, a good way to remember a man she knew for over 400 years. It’s the little things, right?

Lenah thinks she’ll never get used the this newfangled world, one with stereos, cars, and tight clothes. Of course, then she meets some boys (Tony and Justin) some bitchy girls (Tracy and Kate) and gets a job (in the library). She starts to fit right in, despite speaking 25 languages fluently (Japanese and Italian, I’m so damn jealous!). Until (cue scary music) the coven comes to remake her into her evil vampire self!

But wait, there’s more. The language oozes attempts at poetry turned into melodrama.

“The way the sun dazzled on the water made me wish I could touch the light, wield it with my hands.” pg. 29

“My vampire past was a secret lodged in my heart. I wanted to tell Tony so that someone would really understand me, see into my sould. Vampires are huanted by pain, longing, and anger. Every imaginable sadness is pressed upon their shoulders. They are victims of torment and they cannot escape.  Love, oddly enough, is the one respite from this anarchy of misery. Yet, there is a catch: Once a vampire falls in love, they are bound to that love. They will always love that person, no matter what happens. They can fall in love again and again, but each time a piece of their soul is given away. … Vampire love is an ache, a hunger, and no matter what is said or done, it is in the vampire nature to be left completely unsatisfied. This is the kind of torment I experienced every day.” pg. 42

“I stood up and wiped my eyes. I would say my good-byes and let fate have me. I had done so many incomprehensible things that it was time that I paid for the bloodshed I’d caused. The loss was now mine.” pg. 227


Lenah Beaudonte – blue eyes, pale skin, long legs. Super smart, funny, and comes with a British accent. Loves artsy boys with gauge earrings and blond jocks with sculpted bods equally.

Tony Sasaki: art student from the wrong side of the tracks. At Wickham on scholarship. Class Clown.

Justin Enos: lacrosse player, daredevil, lives life to the fullest. Complete with blond hair, green eyes, and glistening tan skin.

Vicken Clough: Lenah’s last creation, and her former lover. Will do anything to get her back.

Tracy Sutton: mean girl, blond hair, flirty, cute. Sometimes described as tall, sometimes considered short. Brainless.

There were some good moments in the book, despite all of the above. I laughed when Lenah had to get on stage in front of the entire upper school and introduce herself, and I may have smiled at a few of Tony’s antics. But overall, this book won’t improve your life, or really keep you entertained for any long period of time. Surprisingly enough, there’s a sequel, too: Stolen Nights.

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