Tagore – No. 88

Hendricks Chapel Syracuse University

photo by ashley christiano

I’ve been having a pretty stressful day…reading this poem helped me breathe a bit easier. Hope it helps you too!

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) was a pretty awesome guy: he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913, and protested the British rule in India alongside Mahatma Gandhi. He sought to promote humanism and international understanding through his poems, songs, novels, plays, and more. Tagore’s work showcased his giant appreciation for all things beautiful.*

This I must admit: how one becomes two
is something I haven’t understood at all.
How anything ever happens or one becomes what one is,
how anything stays in a certain way, what we mean
by words like body, soul, mind: I don’t fathom,
but I shall always observe the universe
quietly, without words.

How can I
even for an instant understand the beginning, the end,
the meaning, the theory—of something outside of which
I can never go? Only this I know—
that this thing is beautiful, great, terrifying,
various, unknowable, my mind’s ravisher.

This I know, that knowing nothing, unawares,
the current of the cosmos’s awareness flows towards you.

*This summary and the above poem were taken from the Norton Anthology of World Literature, The Twentieth Century, Volume F)

4 Responses to “Tagore – No. 88”
  1. Jodi says:

    Sorry you’re havin a bad day, but my day just got worse. I get an email saying you finished Nightshade and a link to your full review-to here-and no review.

    Please post. I reviewed it too.

    All I can say is “REN!” sigh. *fans self*

    I’ll be back for the review once you post.


  2. jodi says:

    Don’t do that. 😦

  3. Jodi says:

    You have an award waiting at my blog.



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