The Kindle is not “Killing” the Publishing Industry

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I just read an opinon article by an NYU student in which she claimed the Kindle was killing the print industry. I thought, “hmmm, I wonder what this person’s opinion is, and if they have any good information.”

Instead of being a well researched article about the changes going on in the book world, she bashed Twilight, claimed that I as a Kindle owner was personally “destroying the print industry”, and said that Amazon would force the publishing companies to “submit to their will.”

She doesn’t seem to understand that BOOKS go on Kindles. The writer kept referring to paperbacks and hardcovers as “actual” books. You know the ones people read, and “help us think critically, understand past and foreign worlds, develop opinions and stretch our imaginations?” These are somehow different from the, I guess you’d call them fake, books that I buy for my Kindle. Oh, and I buy twice as many books now that I own a Kindle. Does this mean I’m killing the industry twice as fast?

The Kindle is not ruining the print industry. It is CHANGING it. There’s a big difference. The publishing industry is stuck in the twentieth century. Companies like Amazon, who’s focus is on consumer happiness, NEED to force publishers to recognize the potential of ereaders. Ebooks can make reading more accessible and thus increase literacy efforts. Don’t believe me? Check out this interview with Nicholas Negroponte in which he discusses his plans to give laptops to children in third-world countries (loaded with eBooks, by the way) so they can connect with the rest of the world.

Do your research and write with an open mind. Some people think that the blogosphere is ruining journalism, you know. I wonder what the writer has to say to that.

4 Responses to “The Kindle is not “Killing” the Publishing Industry”
  1. CelticLady says:

    I am an owner of both the Kindle and Sony eReader. I still like to purchase and read ‘real’ books, as my overflowing bookcases in every room except the bathroon, can attest to. I am finding though, because of the fact that I have disabilities and that i have to read in bed every night, that holding a 700 page tome is very difficult for me as I think is true for a lot of older people. And a lot of the baby boomers have a limited income and I think buying ebooks are a great idea as they are cheaper than the real thing.

    • adchristiano says:

      that’s a good point CelticLady. I’d never thought of what having a light, compact eReader could do for people with disabilities. I hope you’re enjoying your kindle and the ereader experience in general. It really shouldn’t be different than a “real” book.

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