Phil Gigante and his Harem

The only reason Bonnie Fox even picked up the series is because her good friend, Phil Gigante, encouraged her to do so. Gigante narrates all of Karen Marie Moning’s audio books, and found the Fever series very interesting.

So Fox picks up the audio edition of the books and falls in love. She’s not a Moning Maniac, but she does enjoy hearing her friend read the love scenes. “Listening to the sex scenes was incredibly funny. He’s reading about penises!” the 25-year-old from Muskegon, MI says.

Then Gigante finds out that the women on Moning’s forum created an entire group dedicated to him and his “velvet voice.” Phil Gigante’s Eargasmic Harem consists of 150 of Gigante’s biggest fans. And as the group’s Sultan, he makes sure to drop by and leave a post in the forum every now and then.

Fox convinced Gigante to attend the Michigan MacHalo tour stop in Anne Arbor. A few harem members, including Dawn, the harem’s leader, showed up to see their Sultan in Anne Arbor. Fox arranged for Indian food one night, to fit with the harem theme.

Used to the harem’s craziness by now, Gigante took it all in stride. “He felt like he was at a bridal shower,” Fox says. He even participated in the games, like a Fever-themed word search and jeopardy match, and took first prize in two of the activities.

“He’s read all the books and knows all the trivia,” says Fox. “That’s not normal for a narrator. They typically read the script and then forget it. He’s getting sucked into the whole fan base deal.”


*I wrote this story about a year ago, in December 2009*

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