I Don’t Know my Homophones

funny grammar web site

I stumbled upon this HILARIOUS site dedicated to all the people (me!) who don’t know their homophones.

Can’t figure out Effect vs. Affect? This guy hates you.

Get confused between Its and It’s? Get your shit together.

Get all tangled up in There, Their, They’re? This guy might kill you.

I get all of the above three examples, plus a few others, confused all. the. time. I just get so excited about my novel that I type, type, type and pay no attention whatsoever to spelling, punctuation, and other basic things. Hopefully this site’s anger will keep me in line.

Click here to see this hilarious site: learnyourdamnhomophones.com

One Response to “I Don’t Know my Homophones”
  1. neftwink says:

    Todaiye is a new daiye to get yer shit strate.


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