House Season 7 Opener – mediocre but funny

Dr. House in HD

Image by 3www via Flickr

Gregory House. Lisa Cuddy. James Wilson. Eric Forman. Robert Chase. Remy Hadley. Christopher Taub.

These characters and their relationships to each other make Fox’s House such a great show. It’s the tension between House and Cuddy, the frustration Dr. House’s team feels when he doesn’t show up for work, the worry Foreman feels for Hadley as her disease progresses. The show also deals with morality on all different levels, from treating a tyrannical dictator to healing a catholic nun.

This season’s opener lacked all of that. Now that House and Cuddy are together as a couple, that tension that existed between them is gone. Now that House has missed work some many times its become a routine, the team no longer gets frustrated or even surprised. Now that Hadley is leaving the team, we no longer get to see the way the team, and especially Foreman, worry about her.

And this episode had a pretty simple and unexciting case. Their only neurosurgeon available for surgery has taken violently ill. He leaves the hospital. Who wouldn’t, right? The problem is, a hospital needs to have one capable neurosurgeon on the premises at all times to be considered a Level-1 Trauma center, and thus have an Emergency Room. So the team goes to the effort to try and cure this guy…he ends up high, hilarity ensues, yadda, yadda, yadda. In the end, Hadley figures out the simple cure, and everything is happy once again.

This is not the House I have come to know and love. This episode seemed more like a wrap up for last season than an opener for this one.

But there’s a bright side to this. The previews for the rest of Season 7 look pretty damn awesome. We get to see the tension between House and Cuddy (can they maintain a “professional” work relationship), a new member joins the team, and Hadley’s departure is shrouded in mystery. Not to  mention a line-up of intense cases that will leave the viewers eyes wide for the one hour we dedicate to House each week.

Here’s to hoping that a mediocre opening won’t be the standard for Season 7.

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