The Fae: Who the heck are they?

Since the vampires burst back from the grave in the past few years, a number of other supernatural creatures have begun to recieve more attention as well: werewovles, like the Twilight Saga‘s Jacob Black; shape shifters, like the Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood‘s Sam Merlotte; and witches, like the Vampire Diarie‘s Bonnie. This has begun to make way for a less-often portrayed race. The Fae.

Fairy, faery, faerie, fay, fae, wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk… Whatever word comes up they all stand for the same people. The fae are a race of mythological, supernatural creatures. Most appear human, and a large number are often exceptionally beautiful. The sparkly wings did not play a role in the orginal folklore, most of which descends from Irish, German and Celtic myths. But the modern fairy tales have made the wings and diminutive humanoid forms inseperable from the current term.

There is no one, specific definition for the fae. Instead, these being all somehow fit beneath this umbrella term: “Fae.”

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